April 2023 Monthly Camera Roll Graphics

You may be new to my blog, and if so, I want to introduce you to my monthly camera roll graphics that I’ve design monthly.

What are the Camera Roll Graphics for?

I created these because when you’re scrolling through your “All Photos” (iPhone), you have a general date range indicated at the top, but sometimes, it’s just nice to see a graphic that says, ‘Hey, we’re in January at this spot.

Anyone else search for family vacation or holiday photos, or screenshots and you know the general date but want a visual with more than a date range? 

That’s where these come in.

As you are scrolling your hundreds (or thousands, if you’re like me) of photos, you will be able to tell where you are with a glance. It may sound minuscule, but it is quite nice to have that marker in the sea of photos.

This Youtube video will give a quick demonstration of how this works/looks, but if you’re like me, there are many more photos between months, so they won’t be as close together in your camera roll, this is just a sample album I made for demonstration purposes:

I do make these monthly and post them on my Facebook page, so you can follow & like my page there if you want to consistently get them posted monthly (sometimes I don’t get around to posting them here on the blog).

Also, if you like them, I would love for a comment on which one you liked best.

Here is a screenshot of them together only so you can get an idea of what they are, you cannot save individual ones from the image right here, use the individual images at the very bottom. Directions are also below.

See below on how to save one of these to your phone (you cannot save from here)

How to Save the Graphics

Typically, you will only want to choose one, but choose as many as you want if you can’t decide lol.

If you are viewing this article on your mobile device (iPhone or iPad), you can long-hold down your finger on the photo and an option for ‘Save’ or ‘Add to Photos’ should come up. The process should be similar for non-iPhones.

It will generally save in your camera roll at the day & time that you save it.

If you do it on the first of the month, it will be in the right spot and you won’t need to change the date. If you’re elsewhere in the month, check out this article on how the new feature that lets you change dates on your iPhone photos.

If you want this for a desktop computer, you should be able to right click and then “Save Image” and it will save wherever your downloads or photos are stored.

Other Notes About the Graphics

I do run these through a compression program, which means they will take up less space on your phone than if I didn’t. And we all need as much space as we can get on our phones, am I right?! At least I do…

I provide these for free. This is my original idea, born out of a frustration for knowing where I was when looking for pictures.

I have not seen anyone do this before, so if you see anyone else doing this (with the month and year, with a box designed to show specifically in the iPhone camera roll), they have copied my idea. Just make sure to let them know where you saw the original, heehee

I may or may not update the blog regularly with these, but you can always find them on my Facebook page here. Give it a Like to have it appear in your Facebook News Feed.

I Would Love Your Feedback

If you find these helpful or visually interesting, I would love to hear that by you leaving a comment below!

Also, if you have suggestions for improvements I could make, please comment below your suggestion. I’m always looking for ways to improve, and since I have been doing these over a year, they have morphed a bit.

I enjoy making these graphics for you, and I hope you find them useful. Please let me know which one you select!

Thanks for visiting, and God Bless!!

FIND THE PICS BELOW: (hold one down (mobile) or right click (computer) to save to your camera roll)

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