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Top 10 Best Homeopathic Remedies & How to Use Them

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Smile Direct Club Progress (Updated October 2019!)

I have completed my initial 6 months Smile Direct Club journey, but needed further refinements on my teeth. Find out how I made this happen & what you should do if you find yourself in the same situation… Read More

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Soft Chaffle Sandwich Bread

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How to Make a Keto Chaffle

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How to Have Less Greasy Hair (and shampoo less often)

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Fun VBS Games for Kids and Youth for 2019

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Book Club & Summer Reading List for Tweens, Teens, & Special Ed Adults

List of books appropriate for Pre-teens, Teens, & Special Ed Adults for a book club or summer reading list. Read More

How to Find a Good Homeopath

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How to Care for Your Teeth and Invisible Clear Aligners

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My Smile Direct Club Experience Results & Review

In this article, I will be letting you all up in my mouthy business (with pictures, eek), and discussing my Smile Direct Club results.  I will show you before and after progress photos, what issues I had along the way, and showing you how my teeth are now…  Read more

How to Make Hemp Milk at Home

What if I told you there was a diary-free, gluten-free, nut-free, vegan, plant-based, low carb, and low calorie milk alternative? Enter the wonderful hemp milk. Hemp milk is a really great option, as making it at home is very quick, easy, and affordable.  Read more

Is Smile Direct Club Right for You? How To Get Started

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