How to Change the Date on iPhone Photos

Well this a handy though potentially nefarious newish feature in the iPhone – users now have the ability to change the date on a photo in their camera roll.

I won’t get into the pros vs cons of this feature, but I do want to provide a quick tutorial on how to do it, as I refer to in my posts about camera roll placeholder graphics here.

So, I will use one of my recent photos as an example that you can follow along with:

Here is a picture of me, with new earrings my friend bought me for my birthday. (Match my hair pretty perfectly, lol)

Everything you need to see or press is in RED

Step 1: Note the date at the top says August 19th. Let’s change that to September 1st.

Look at the bottom and find the i button with a circle around it (i is for information, presumably). Click it.

screenshot of step 1 of adjusting iPhone picture date

Step 2: Notice the date in the middle, circled in red (idk why it says different (Aug 20) here, but that’s not the issue we’re concerned with, as we’re changing that date anyway.)

Click the ‘Adjust’ option in blue in the middle of the screen – noted in the below pic with an arrow

screenshot of step 2 of adjusting iPhone picture date

Step 3: Each of the sub-steps is numbered on the photo below:

1. Use the < > buttons to go back or forth in months, making sure the area circled has your selected month (or you can click on the month and it’ll give you a scroll button)

2,3,4. Select the day of the month that you want, then (3) click the time and it’ll give you a scroll for that, then (4) Time Zone.

5. After those are correct and show in the Adjusted field above the calendar, click Adjust at the top right in blue.

screenshot of step 3 of adjusting iPhone picture date

Step 4: Check that the date applied as you set it. (If not, click Adjust and repeat step 3). Here, our date took correctly. Success!

screenshot of step 4 of adjusting iPhone picture date

Now, go back to your camera roll. I make these camera roll placeholders that you can find here, so we can see that it adjusted the date to September 1 and appeared in that place in my camera roll.

screenshot of step 5 of camera roll

And there you have it! I hope these directions were easy peasy.

Did they help you? Did you find out something new you could do?

Let me know in the comments, I love feedback!!

Thanks for reading, and God bless!!

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