Basics of the Trim Healthy Mama Plan

This Trim Healthy Mama plan can be confusing. There are several key concepts that aid in understanding the plan.

As I’ve written two other articles about the Trim Healthy Mama cookbooks, and my own experience with the Trim Healthy Mama plan, I feel like that info would be incomplete without a basic schematic of how the Trim Healthy Mama (THM) plan works.

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Also, you should consult your doctor before starting any diet modification, this is a summary of the plan, your actual experience may vary. You can read my full disclaimers here.

Where To Get Started With Trim Healthy Mama

Now, as I wrote in my prior article on the cookbooks, if you’re going to undertake this plan, I’d recommend buying the Trim Healthy Table cookbook, in which you will get a very condensed plan information with many recipes. (If you want more plan information, you can get the Trim Healthy Mama Plan book.)

This information can serve as a primer, or to maybe simplify the workings of the plan, as many people overthink it, which is easy to do.

Is Trim Healthy Mama Only for Women?

This is frequent question. No, there is a whole section of men doing the plan with their wives/significant others, or just by themselves, and losing weight.

Although the information is geared towards women and our needs, it can easily be adapted for men with very few changes. I have read that there’s even a whole Facebook group for the menfolk if you are or have a man that wants a more manly community.

What Does Trim Healthy Mama Believe Causes Weight Gain and Loss

The THM plan basically purports that anything that will raise your blood sugar will increase your waistline and also set you up for weight gain and eventually a chronic disease.

Foods that raise your blood sugar include white starchy items (white bread, white potatoes, and desserts/condiments made with white sugar), as well as frequently combining what they call E and S foods (explained below).

Trim Healthy Mama Basic: E, S, or FP + Protein

The first step in knowing the THM plan is that there are three types of basic meals/snacks/drinks. Yes, even drinks. E foods/meals, S meals, and FP.

Also, your meals will always include protein as the center. You won’t be protein overloaded, but it is the basis of using the other foods for fuel.

What Are E, S, and FP Meals?

E meals stands for ‘Energizing’. Basically, it’s where you’ll get your carbs.

And you will get healthy carbs, from vegetables, fruit (limited), and whole/sprouted grains.

Basically no starches from white sugars, so no white bread (sprouted mostly), sugar-laden treats nor even condiments like ketchup or cocktail sauce. But you will be able to use some sweeteners like Stevia.

Recently, the Trim Healthy Mama sisters (authors) have reversed their decision on potatoes and said they are now “on plan”, as in, they have sanctioned them. They said red, yellow, and purple potatoes are excellent E fuels, and some people are okay with white potatoes, which were preciously a no-no.

Me personally, I love anything made from white potatoes (fries, chips, potatoes au gratin, baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, etc.) but my body doesn’t love them so much. It may be the pesticides or oils in which they’re baked, either way, I tend to itch a lot more after eating them, so I limit them to maybe once every two weeks, if that.

S stands for ‘Satisfying’, so this is basically your fats, like heavy creams, cheese, oils, butter, mayo.  You know, the yummy stuff.

There are also subcategories of S such as S Helper which includes just one piece of toast instead of two with eggs, and there used to be a Deep S which was a lot of fats in the meal but I don’t see that listed in THT; you sometimes will see it referred to in the Facebook group.

FP is for ‘Fuel Pull’, and it’s basically what you’ll use to eat by themselves or pair with E & S meals to not venture into the other’s territory — things like non-starchy veggies.

Another fuel type is Crossovers, which are basically E and S meals put together, great for people who are at goal weight and maintaining (occasionally), as well as pregnant and nursing mothers, and people who need to gain weight.

How to Lose Weight With Trim Healthy Mama

Here’s the basic rule: Don’t combine E & S meals if you want to lose weight. This will raise your blood sugar.

So, in essence, you can have protein with fats (S) OR carbs (E), but not both… in most situations.

There are a few instances you can have them together, such as if you have an E meal, you can have 1 teaspoon of a fat (i.e., oil, butter, mayo), or you can combine carbs and fats (“crossover”, as discussed above) occasionally or regularly if pregnant or trying to gain weight, but in general, you won’t for weight loss.

And then, you’ll want to rotate which kind of meal/snack/drink you have.

If you’re feeling tired, have an E to energize you… get the name, lol?

If you’re feeling ravenously hungry, have an S to satiate you and fill your tummy.

Also, another couple of things you should know:

  1. Many condiments have sugar and other weight-gain-causing additives in them. So, if you’re serious about this plan, read labels. And make your own.
  2. Eat about every 3 hours. The authors/sisters say this keeps your fuel fire burning, but isn’t so often that it can’t catch up. This includes drinks, but they have many options for “all day sippers” in their books.

So, that is a very brief summary of the Trim Healthy Mama plan. And frankly, you can make it this easy if you want. 

Just separate your fuels, be vigilant about what you put in your body and when, and you’re good to go.

It really is that simple and when I was doing it, I pretty much kept it that simple. 

I didn’t make fancy desserts and drinks, just knew what belonged in what category, to avoid pairing them together, and to avoid white starchy items (sugars and breads), and I saw success.

If you need further support, I recommend you get ‘Trim Healthy Table‘ for a better explanation and recipes, listen to the Trim Healthy Mama podcasts (I no longer do but I understand the basics), and join the Facebook group where you can ask questions, see others’ progress, and just learn in general.

I hope this was helpful, if you found it so or have questions, please let me know in the comments, I would LOVE to hear from you!!

Thanks for reading, and God Bless!!

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