How to Find a Good Homeopath

Finding a homeopath can be a bit of a task. I am going to help you find sources for homeopath listings and feedback.

Please note that this is not an endorsement of any particular homeopath and their abilities, certifications, and experience.

If you want to scroll down directly to the links, feel free. Just consider, when looking, that you don’t have to ben in the same area as the homeopath, which I explain further down.

How to Find a GOOD Homeopath

Although there are certifications available for homeopaths, a homeopath (in the United States, at least), does not have to be certified in any particular area of study by any particular certifying board.

Certification can be expensive and often time-consuming. Therefore, a person who calls themselves a homeopath without certification may or may not have the necessary education and experience you require.

While this can potentially taint the pool of homeopath candidates you might use, it does make us a little more dependent on word-of-mouth and social referrals per homeopath.

Where to Find a Homeopath In Your Area

The beauty of homeopathy is that you don’t really need to actually go to a homeopath’s office to have a consult with them. They can do consultations directly over the phone and via video-chat.

homeopath location map
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I would recommend finding a homeopath that meets your needs (specializes in your disease type, if applicable) over finding a local homeopath.

For instance, I have consulted with a homeopath in the mid-west of the US, while I live in the southeast of the US. I am now consulting with one in the Netherlands, as she specializes in one of my primary concerns, and the healing has been great.

She will be closing her practice indefinitely soon, so I already have another one I am wanting to use who is in the UK.

These personalities and the types of cases they generally deal with are closely aligned with what I need help with.

Though it should be noted that experienced homeopaths can generally treat any condition that you may present. I just prefer to find one who specializes in my types of issues, since they have a lot of great experience in that area.

If you have a child who is on the Autism spectrum or has Asperger’s syndrome, there are CEASE trained homeopaths that have some special training for those issues, so you may want to ask for that qualification.

Sources for Finding Homeopaths

Finding a homeopath can be a little like finding a unicorn. They are pretty magical 😉


Worldwide listing:
• Society of Homeopaths

• The Alliance of Registered Homeopaths

• The Homeopathic Medical Association


Here are two websites that list homeopaths in the US and/or N America (remember, you don’t have to be in the US to consult with them):

• National Center for Homeopathy

• North American Society of Homeopaths

Homeopathic Schools

Most homeopathic colleges have a program where you can consult with a homeopath.

The two major benefits to this are:
1. They are overseen by a board or at least a mentor homeopath.
2. The fee for this service is often very inexpensive compared to what an independent homeopath may charge.

You should consider, though, that you may not have permanent access to this particular homeopath once they graduate, so weigh the benefits against this to see which takes priority for you.

Social Referrals

One of my favorite tips for learning about anything is to join a Facebook or Reddit group about it.

I am a member of a few homeopathic facebook groups, and there are lots of requests for homeopath referrals. You may be able to find someone that has a situation similar to yours that was helped by a specific homeopath.

Psst: homeopaths also hang out in those groups, too. While it’s against most group rules for the homeopath to solicit to help you, when you see one that consistently gives helpful advice, that may be one you can look into further.

Homeopaths often use their own Facebook page for their consultation business, or have a business page set up; you can also review their page to gain more info about them.

You should also review their website, if they have one.

I hope this has been helpful.

If you have a further resource that helped you find and decide on a homeopath, please let me know in the comments below and I may add it!

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “How to Find a Good Homeopath”

  1. You should check out Joette Calabrese. She promotes practical homeopathy and teaches how to use homeopathy to heal yourself and your family. It has revolutionized how I use homeopathy.

    Found your blog while searching for a chaffle recipe.

    1. Hi, Betsy! Thank you for the referral! I know of Joette, and think she’s great! Unfortunately, I haven’t had much success with the Banerji protocols for myself or family members, at least not for chronic issues – have you tried them for chronic issues and had success? It is nice to have something as a first line try, though. I understand, though, that people who consult with her see a good bit of success.

      Thanks for the comment! I hope you found the chaffle info helpful; I love them and use them sooo often.

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