Seint Demi Colour Makeup: The Basics (Non-Seller)

Since one of my favorite articles was on my Seint (formerly Maskcara) review, I thought I would introduce you to their newest product.

I do not work for Seint makeup, nor am I an Artist (rep) for them. I wanted to give you a little bit of background on the concept of how DemiColour works, as it can be a bit confusing if you’re seeing it for the first time and aren’t heavily into makeup.

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What Is Demi Colour by Seint?

This makeup line is touted as a sort of “no-makeup makeup” look. Where you’re wearing makeup but it looks natural and fresh on your face without cakiness and generally only spot correction.

I will say, I haven’t tested this makeup yet to see if it delivers well. It only came out about a week ago or so. However, the packaging is different than what most makeup brands offer, but the concept is a long-held makeup trick.

With Demi Colour, you will buy a pallete/package that includes a number of individual tins that stick to a magnetic pallete. It’s similar to the original Seint items, but the tins are smaller, and for now, you can’t buy a lot of individual tins, they mostly only come in collections. You can see them here.

The tins appear to be cream like the prior Seint products, which is good for coverage and blemishes.

How Does DemiColour Work?

Demi Color uses the longstanding makeup trick that one color applied to an undesired color on the face will balance out that color, neutralize it, and therefore essentially hide the discoloration.

These are called complementary colors, and they are the color opposite each other on the color wheel. ROYGBIV and all that.

For instance, if you have redness like I do, or you get a reddish-pinkish blemish, you will want to even your skintone out by using a color in the greenish family.

If you get blue circles under your eyes, you will want an offset from the orange family. I have actually seen beauty gurus recommend using orange lipstick instead of concealer for under-eye discoloration.

I made this handy chart for you to figure out what general color family you will need to offset any colors that you wish to hide on your face:

As I said, this concept is not new in the makeup world. However, I am unsure as to how many brands have offered this type of makeup before.

How Much Is Demi Colour?

Currently, you can only get collections of 18 tins with three brushes for $430 or 6 tins in the same general color family for $110.

I am still undecided as to whether I would invest money in this at this point. Mostly because, I think you will find you’ll only need/prefer 2-3 colors, and $430 is a lot.

However, demand for this brand is high, so maybe their general customers are willing to spend that much.

You will probably want to try a few shades of orange, and a few shades of green, however, I can’t really tell how they decided to put the 18-tin collections together. There’s not a lot of info on the website either, so I would recommend you speak to your Artist about it.

$110 for 6 small tins of the same color family seems like a lot to me, and their website says they will last about 6-12 months, but I’d feel like it would be a waste to only have 1-2 favorites.

Demi Colour Application

For now, you will have to refer to Cara herself in her tutorials on instagram or whatever influencer, or have your Artist come try it on you.

I know the demand for this will be huge because of the sheer number of influencers in Seint’s ranks. However, I personally can’t quite wrap my head around how this is better than a few color correctors I could find at the drug store, Amazon, or a specialty beauty shop.

It seems to me like painting each individual blemish and problem area would take a long time. However, beauty influencers often do take a while, as Youtube tutorials would reveal.

But, I’d personally rather find a quick BB or CC cream if I wanted a little bit of help – I generally don’t fool with color correction too much, as it really doesn’t seem to benefit me enough to make the extra time investment worth the results. I am who I am.

Nevertheless, I am considering testing this brand out just so I can do a proper review. I just wanted to give you some background information on it, as I know it can be a bit confusing.

Would you like to see me try this new Demi Colour and do a review? Have you tried it? What are your thoughts? Please leave me a comment below and let me know what you think. As always, God bless, and thanks for reading!

15 thoughts on “Seint Demi Colour Makeup: The Basics (Non-Seller)”

  1. Hi, great article, I saw an influencer do an IG tutorial, it looked like something I would be interested in. I am 69 with great skin, foundation does not work for me anymore. I bought a Bright Edit. Nothing came with it, no instruction no cheat sheet, this article has been most helpful in understanding the concept, and yes, I will only need two or three of the colors. I have thirty days to return and it looks like it will be thirty days before I get any support from Seint. I have written to them and to the artist numerous times, I keep hearing that information is a) either on its way or b) I need more product. It looks like this tool out was not well planned. I will probably send everything back for a refund and go with a bb or cc cream.

    1. Hi, Arlene! I am glad this was helpful. I’m sorry your experience hasn’t been so good – I used an influencer with the regular Seint line and it wasn’t good either, learned my lesson to go with my local friends who sold it (though there weren’t any at the time.) The concept is cool, but seems like a lot of money for a “no makeup” look. And you can definitely get similarly colored products at any major retailer. Good luck, and thanks for the comment!

    2. I wish I could send you a picture of my before and after. I only purchased an edit with 6 tins and then also one additional color later. I turned 40 this year and I really don’t like covering my whole face with makeup.
      (I found Seint years ago when they were formally known as Maskara. Their moisturizer is bomb my friends. It’s amazing and it’s the best I’ve used. Ever.)
      I have 8-9 tins of iiid makeup from Seint but I just loved the idea of less makeup. I also have terrible melisma on both of my cheeks that I was hoping to conceal better with demi. The tins are tiny but you use minimal product and I know mine will last longer than 6 months. Every skin tone and blemish is different so it does take a minute to figure out HOW you need to apply this to work best for you. Having said that, I have my routine down to about 10minutes for a ‘no makeup’ face but with brighter eyes and a touch of color in all of the right places. You’ll find tons of lovely Seint ladies willing to help you out and color match.
      I’m a full time mama of 4, blended family with 6 little humans , we all homeschool even though 2 have different curriculums when the 2 other come, we live an active duty military life, I have fibromyalgia. Life isn’t easy on us and I sure don’t have the time to sit in front of a mirror long. Demi works for me and I do wish there was more information out there about it. I wish there were more Seint artists that had a Demi pallete so that we could sit down and watch the magic take place on our own face!!
      Gotta do what works best for you. I love the fact that I barely have anything on my face all day but feel put together. I’m team Demi.

  2. Fantastic article! I’m 62 and was initially interested in Seint Demi for those quick, just-a-few-errands days look. But after your article followed by watching a tutorial, there doesn’t seem to be anything “quick” about it! Meticulously painting each blemish & age spot? I’d run out of time for my errands! This new all-in expensive product must be for women wanting a certain look & willing to invest their time & money into it. Not for me. However, I am a huge fan of my Seint cosmetics!

    1. Yeah, this is kind of my thinking too. It wouldn’t take me any longer to do touchups in certain areas than just do my whole makeup routine now that I have it down. I think the products are pretty and trendy and kinda wonder if that’s why so many people snatch them up, but to each their own. Thanks for the comment!

  3. I cannot decide if this is genius makeup application, or the most over priced genius money grab.
    I tried Seint last year and the colors were terrible on my skin (I am fair with melasma that make my completion look darker). I was especially shocked at one bronzer shade and the muddy contour shades. I know some people love it – but the only people I see on the socials using it are the artists themselves.
    Anyone else wondering why these makeup lines are sold on 2 different websites? 🤔 are they going to sell off the Seint line?

    1. Lol, I’m really not sure. The concept is really cool and packaging is pretty. I have good friends that use it, but everyone’s wearing less makeup with c-v-d bc there’s still nowhere to go haha. I can’t figure out why the two websites either, the rebrand plus new line unde the new brand makes it confusing, idk. Thanks for the comment!!

    2. Elizabeth, hello I am a Seint artist and the reason it is two dif websites is you must become certified in Demi application before you can sell it. The certification is quite intensive, that is why a lot of us regular 3D artist are not certified as yet. More will become certified as time goes by, me included. But the regular 3D is not going away. The Demi is just another product line. If you have any questions about Demi the artist you purchase from should be able to help you, there are tons of how to videos for those that do purchase and Cara our CEO has them as well on her Youtube channel. I hope this helps answer your questions.

  4. I just ordered the demi collection after much hesitation previously because of the cost. They are having a special reducing the set to $150 and I picked up a few extras and brushes. We will see how it works for my 45 year old skin. I am mostly interested in the under eye coverage, how nice to not worry about makeup sitting in your lines! Also love Bobbi Browns new face pencils which also give a natural look but I am guessing much easier to apply. We will see if I end up keeping the Demi. I just had to try it though, I DO love a natural look where you can still see skin! Thank you for your article.

      1. My friend who sells it has a lot more experience with it than I do. She said it was good, but took a lot of time and she really didn’t spend any less time than using regular makeup. And for the price of the tins, she was going to stick with the regular Seint line.

  5. Hi I just received my mini Demi edit, 4 tins $88.00, plus tax. After trying all 4 colors I will use only one, it’s a kit so I will return it and possibly just buy the one color. When you see how little these tins are and the amount of product you get it’s pricey, $22.00 per tin. I use the 3D and it’s changed my life with simplifying my make up routine. A learning curve with both lines but the 3D just makes more sense, I can’t spend that much time doing the Demi. Great article and it just made it even more clear to me that I’m not a Demi girl.

    1. Hi, Jill! Thanks for the comment, that was kinda my feeling as well. I figured it’d just take less time to do a full face of makeup than spot treat. Plus, that’s never really worked out well for me, lol. Thanks for the feedback!

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