This relatively new brand of makeup has made a definite splash in the cosmetics industry. Women are obsessed with it and it’s beautiful products and packaging and can’t seem to wait to get their hands on it.

I was one of those women. I myself had watched the founder of Maskcara and several influencers for several years before taking the leap and trying it for myself.

And I wanted to let you know what I thought of it.

Order package- tins in compact & brushes

This post is not sponsored by Maskcara beauty, I am not an seller of Maskcara and the opinions are all mine. This post, however, does contain affiliate links, which means that if you click and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks! Now on with the show…

My Maskcara Experience

I will start with a little bit about my general order, and how it went on my face. If you want to know more about how to apply the makeup, what I ordered and thought about the colors and brushes, and how to order, that information is further down.

My Maskcara Package

The package that I got was very nicely packaged a with the pretty products inside.

The first picture is the items mostly unboxed (with the tins opened to show general colors.) I got two brushes, one (free) compact because I order 4+ tins,and 5 tins — 2 foundational colors, one contour, one highlight, and one illuminator.

opened maskcara package

maskcara products opened

What I Thought of the Makeup

My first time using the makeup was really nice.  It went on pretty easily.

I don’t generally like to do too much highlighting under my eyes, as I just look washed out if I do that. The same with trying to cover my dark circles and bags. That’s just what works for me.

So, my order of the lighter foundation was fairly useless for me, but that strategy works for a lot of people.

Do I think that the foundation colors will last as long as they say?

I doubt it. I had made a pretty good dent in my tin in about 3 weeks, and I didn’t even use it every day.

It did cover fairly well, and while my dark spots didn’t completely disappear, it did cover them to greatly decrease them. (My biggest spot is on my left cheek.)

It did cover my redness pretty well, which I have all over, especially at my lower lash line and on my chin.

Please excuse my serious and weird face, I’m not the best at taking selfies but tried to get a good representation of how the makeup covered.

Left sideMy Maskcara Pic - left

Right side — before blendingMy Maskcara Pic - left

Front face in sunlight — just Maskcara brand makeup, with a little bit of mascara on my eyelashes, no lip color applied yetMy Maskcara Pic - left

I wasn’t a huge fan of the Bella bronzer.

Frankly, it looked like I smeared mud on my face, which maybe was a combination of it with the foundation colors? But I was using it as directed.

The contour color I was recommended was okay, but it took a good bit more of the product than the foundation and bronzer before it would show up on my skin.

I want to talk a little about the application tools and methods, and then at the bottom will give you my final conclusion of the makeup. I will tell you now that, although I liked the product, I had problems with it and ended up returning it; I will also give you some great, low-cost alternatives that I have since found and am loving. Feel free to scroll down if you want to skip to those parts.

The Signature Maskcara Brushes

Maskcara has a very unique set of brushes that are specifically designed for use with their products.

They have very similar tips to other brushes, but frankly, these brushes are beautiful in that they’re sturdy and gold & rose gold.

They are also all double-ended. Which is really convenient to not have several brushes; but that’s not all it’s cracked up to be…

Maskcara blush + bronzer brush

A couple of things I didn’t realize about the brushes: being double ended is great in that you get two-in-one, however, they become a bit of a bear to store.

You can’t really stand them on one end, as that’s not terribly sanitary but also might press one end of the brush into an unwanted angle.

Also, they’re very long, so most makeup brush storage holders for travel won’t fit them without one of the ends being bent.

One hack my Artist imparted was that you can use the individual boxes that they come in to protect them during travel.

I thought that would’ve been the best idea, but that would only last so long and I knew I would need a long-term solution.

The brushes I got were the 30 second HAC brush and the B Squared Bronzer and Blush Brush (in the image above).

I only bought the B Squared brush because it came in a bundle with the bronzer I was buying and the combo was significantly cheaper.

Overall, if I were to buy more, I would next have bought the Detail HAC brush, as it would’ve really helped with the contour application, but I figured I would space out my purchases over a few months.

The basic brushes to get started were approximately $35 each, which I found a little pricey, but they are double ended, so you can consider the price two for one.

I did find some similar, highly rated makeup applicators (as below 👇) on Amazon if you can only afford the Masckara makeup itself but not applicators.

4.5⭐ – DUcare Brushes Duo End Powder, Foundation, Buffer, & Contour 2Pcs


4.5⭐ – Double-Ended Professional Brush **Eco-Friendly & Cruelty-free**


4⭐ – Yuwaku Double Ended Makeup Brushes, 6pcs  


4.5⭐ – BEAKEY 5 Pcs Makeup Sponge Set Blender – Multi-Colored Set


The Maskcara Method of Makeup Application

I began following the founder of Maskcara makeup, Cara Killpack, several years ago, when she, as a beauty blogger, won an award from Allure Beauty in approximately 2014, for her HAC (pronounced ‘hack’) method.

HAC stands for “highlight and contour”, which is basically a way of applying makeup such that you create light and shadows on your face to respectively bring forward and recede the appropriate areas to make your face look more perfectly proportioned.

Today, Maskcara has taken the HAC concept to a new level, and offers a line of highlights, contours, bronzers, illuminators, blushes (which also serve as lip colors), eyeshadows, makeup tools, and even skincare.

Notice I didn’t call one specific product “foundation”

That’s because Maskcara has what they call IIID (3D) Foundation, where the “highlight” and “contour” colors work together to make up your foundation.

For Maskcara purposes and here, “highlights” are general foundation that will go all over your face.

So, you’re applying the Maskcara termed “highlight” (aka, foundation) colors generally all over the face, often using a lighter color under the eyes, down the nose, anywhere you would use a concealer in the traditional highlighting and contouring makeup routine.

I feel like I should say, you may be confused by the term “highlights”, as those are typically referred to in the makeup world as shimmery colors used at the tops of cheeks and directly beneath the eyebrows.

Those are the “illuminators” in Maskcara terms.

The concept is generally that, instead of applying foundation all over your face and then going back and applying layers of concealer and contour over that, you have different colors of foundation and put those on in the applicable areas, saving you time and many steps.

Here is Maskcara’s method, which they supply to their customers, for applying their products. How to HAC - Maskcara

Also, they have these beautiful magnetized makeup pallets/compacts, so you buy a small tin of the makeup item and snap it directly into your compact.

And they have really nice patterns on the compacts, classy and, honestly, just fun to open and close.

It does seem a pretty fabulous company, as it does really seem to uplift women in more so enhancing their natural beauty instead of completely remaking their face and wearing tons of layers of makeup.

It is a direct sales company, so the sellers/distributors are called Maskcara “Artists” and receive a commission on their sales.

Does Maskcara Have Clean Ingredients?

Before I buy any skincare product, I look at the “clean-ness” of the ingredients.

Since Maskcara isn’t explicitly evaluated by EWG, you have to look up ingredients separately then make your own decision.

Per the EWG Skin Deep website, here is a list of the Sandy highlight ingredients and each of their safe ratings from EWG:

Liquid Paraffin- 1-3;   Petrolatum- 4; Ozokerite Wax- 1;   Beeswax- 1; Cetyl Esters- 1; Lanolin- 1;  Zinc Stearate- 2; Phenoxyethanol- 4; Iron Oxides- 2;   Titanium Dioxide- 1-3; Ultramarines- 1-4

Here are what the number ratings mean from the EWG site:

EWG Skin Deep scale

 EWG Skin Deep scale

Generally, I shoot for products that have a 3 or less overall product rating from EWG, but it’s not a disqualifier.

There are some products in their database that have individual ingredients with a 4 rating and they will still give it an overall 3 rating.

So, having a few ingredients rated at 4 didn’t bother me too much.

Other “non-toxic” beauty companies use some of these ingredients as well.

By the way, the term “non-toxic” is not regulated in the US by the FDA or any other organization.

How to Buy Maskcara Makeup

In order to buy the products, you should contact a Maskcara Artist.

Though you can buy directly from the company, I believe in supporting women in business and helping them build.

I’d rather someone directly benefit from my purchase, as the Artists get commissions on their sales.

Plus, you have a contact within the company to help you should you have any problems or questions.

Some of the Artists will have direct websites where you can fill out a short questionnaire and submit a makeup-free photo, and others will have you direct/private message them on Instagram or Facebook.

As I said before, I’d been following several Artists, and I finally picked one that I felt was very energetic, smart, and sweet.

She also gave a lot of tips on how to do makeup for the older face, particularly on how to do eyeshadow on hooded eyes, which I have.

I filled out the form on her website, and she emailed me with colors that she was recommending for my particular skin tone and concerns. She also answered my questions really well.


When you go to their website (each artist has their own personal website, so I won’t provide a link here), you will see that their makeup line products are reasonably priced.

The majority of their basic products (foundation, bronzer, illuminator) in the larger tins are $14-16, and they claim that they will last for a few months.

All of the products are very pigmented, which means you will only need a little bit to get the coloring and coverage that you want.

This, in turn, means that your products last longer.

After a quick search, I couldn’t find how long Masckara officially projects that their products will last. However, it must have come from somewhere, as I have seen the following approximate lengths presented by multiple individual artists’ websites and Instagram accounts.

Maskcara compact

You can also get a “free” compact to put your tins into by ordering a certain number of products.

It varies by the size of the compact as to how many products you need to get it for free, but I ordered 5 tins so I got the basic Quad compact that fits 4 tins.

I figured I’d upgrade to a bigger compact if I like the product.

I bought 2 brushes, 2 highlights (foundation) (one lighter and one darker), 1 contour, 1 bronzer, and 1 illuminator, and got a free compact because I had bought at least 4 tins.

I spent $130 before tax, which really wasn’t a bad price, especially because foundations can be significantly more expensive per unit.

Also, I could tell based on how I used them, the bronzer, contour, and illuminator would have lasted me quite a while. I had a beauty blender sponge already, so I didn’t order one of theirs.

The packaging is a really nice presentation and makes you excited to try it all out!

Conclusion – My Maskcara Experience

I will tell you now, I did, sadly, end up returning everything I bought.  And there are a few reasons that led to this decision, but there was one primary reason that was out of my or anyone else’s control.

Maskcara has a 30 day money back guarantee if you are unhappy with the product.  They also offer an exchange program where you get 60 days.

It’s always important to check something like this before you spend this much money.

My Color Match

Now, I know Maskcara has a different application technique, but I was generally applying correctly…

Let’s just say it’s not nearly the hardest thing I’ve done in life, and I had watched enough Maskcara and non-Maskcara tutorials to get the gist of it.

Here was my problem with my order: the colors recommended were too yellow for my skin tone.

I needed a bit more of a peach/orange/pink in my foundation, and communicated this to my Artist and requested colors that were more fitting, or at least a color chart and I would pick out my own.

My Maskcara pic

 It is probably difficult to tell because it doesn’t capture well via computers, but over the bridge of my nose and into my temple is the yellowness that I disliked. I also look like I have a huge crook in my nose… need to up my selfie game, lol …

As with any transaction, as I said in this post, you have to be your own advocate and should research ahead of time items such as return policies in case it doesn’t work out. I don’t know about you, but when I spend over $100 or so, I make sure I know what I’m getting into and what steps to take if it doesn’t work out.

And here