Get Free Pinterest Dashboards for Google Analytics

Once you’ve set up your Google Analytics and Pinterest for business accounts, you can get FREE Dashboards to get your Pinterest stats through Google Analytics!

These will help you not have to transfer between Pinterest Analytics and Google Analytics.

Plus, I will show you how to get them emailed to you!

Get the Free Pinterest Dashboards

You can get the Dashboards from here. They have made it easy, with big buttons to download and instructions on how to install and how to find them once installed.

Note: This will not download from Safari, so copy the link and open in Chrome or whatever browser you use. You can, however, use the Dashboards in Safari once they are installed.

Get the Dashboards Emailed to You

This one, being the tech geek interested in efficiency that I am, really excites me. You can get these emailed to you, so you can track your stats straight from your Inbox.

To do so, go to the Dashboard (in Google Analytics, click Customization -> Dashboards), then under the name, there will be options to Share, Email, or Export. (See screenshot below.).

Google Analytics screenshot

Just input your email address, the frequency you want it sent and hit Send and Voilà! You’ll have your report in your Inbox!

Did this work for you? What did you like most in the Dashboards? Is there something you would add?

I want to know how this is working for you!

Let me know in the Comments below!

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